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Another bunch of new stuff!

Wow, it has been a while, hasn’t it? My poor blog has been neglected due to Life and its many distractions. One of those being stitching, naturally. Stitching really helps me when things are tough (and things have been really  tough lately.)
So, I have a bunch of new things to share! (Some of these are already up on my Facebook page, so apologies if you’ve already seen some!)

First, my current project – Sword Kirby!
IMG_20150428_210542 IMG_20150510_214226I’ve been working on this piece on and off over the past couple of weeks, although I’ve taken breaks to work on other things (including the current Sprite Stitch stitch-a-long, more on that another time!) It’s a lot larger than it appears, since every “pixel” is a block of four stitches. I’m *this* close to it being done, though!

Next, four projects that were completed a while ago.

new_4Here we have a Link to the Past stitch (it’s a cut-down version of an after-boss scene); a Samus suit diagram from Super Metroid; a fiery Rapidash sprite and a cute Purrloin.

Finally, a cute Mario Kart image, done as a favour for a friend.


I actually have about four other pieces in progress at the minute but will post about them when I’m done with Kirby. Hopefully Life won’t interrupt me again!


KingCon 2014

KingCon, Durham City’s first geek convention, was on October 12th. I was super nervous but it turned out to be for no reason, as I had a great time and I did quite well! The thing I worried about most was not having enough stuff, but in the end I didn’t need to worry.
Here’s my stuff, all laid out on my bed the night before the con:
IMG_20141011_185235[1] IMG_20141011_185253[1] IMG_20141011_185304[1] IMG_20141011_185317[1]

Some new stuff and a few older pieces too. Plenty of variety! Here’s my table at Durham’s Gala Theatre:
IMG_20141012_093233[1] IMG_20141012_093245[1]

I ended up being so busy I couldn’t take any more pictures, but by the end of the day my table was looking very bare! My ever-popular mushroom magnets did well, as did the Pokeball badges. I said goodbye to the Phoenix, Snorlax/Tails and Alisia Dragoon, as well as the majority of the small stitchings. I also sold some of my handmade jewellery too!
There were two things that happened that were really awesome. First, I ran out of business cards, which I can only assume is good. Hope some custom work comes my way from that! The other thing is that when people approached my table and saw that the items were actually stitched, they would smile and say things like “that’s so cool” and “awesome”. I always worry that people won’t like what I stitch but I’m glad I made what I did as they were quite popular!

Anyway, that was KingCon, my first foray into the world of conventions. I’m really looking forward to doing another one, but first I have a load of jewellery to make for a couple of fairs I’m doing with my friend Lynn. Will be posting about my jewellery soon, as well as my finished Nei!


That time again, huh…

OK! Short post, because I really have to get back to stitching!
Here’s what I’ve been working on at the weekend. (Mostly.)

All stuff for the upcoming craft fair. Here we have: PEGI bad language icon (WIP), Mario shrooms, a Gracidea flower from Pokemon, a ton of Pokeballs, a Chao and some edibles from Shining Force III (WIP). Should be finished with the stitching part of this batch today or tomorrow (hopefully), at which point I start the next bunch of stuff! Still need to add the finishing parts though (badges, magnets, frames etc).

And hopefully I’ll be able to get around all the blogs this time, see what other people have been doing with their weekends! 😀

Sprite Stitch Swap 2012

Time for a report on the “big” swap we have had over at Sprite Stitch. This post is gonna be pretty image heavy!

I received my gifts a couple of weeks ago, from “msstitcher”. They are really awesome! 😀

She made me a Black Mage bag, a Phantasy Star Online biscornu and a hanging ornament with a forum “joke” stitched on the front (about me and my warp-speed stitching – something I will have to share here on the blog sometime!). Here’s some more pictures!

msstitcher also included some Mario Kart sweeties and a hand-drawn card! 😀

OK, on to what I’ve been dying to share with everyone for months…the gifts I made for “starrley”! Here’s the full set of stuff, first.

I made her a Harvest Moon farm set, a Pokemon stitching, a little pouch and a painted card. I also included some Earl Grey tea and Cadbury’s chocolate.
Time for more pictures!

The Harvest Moon set. The base, the 24 crops, the house and all the figures are fully cross stitched. The figures are double sided and glued on to British coins (which I spray painted black to look like the shadows of the sprites). The crops sit on right angled (sort of) stands made of wool mix felt stitched on to plastic canvas squares. The house is actually a box that holds the crops and stands when not in use. And finally the base is one full plastic canvas sheet completely stitched with a semi-custom tileset (that bit was the hardest, I think!)
Here’s another angle:

You can see the reverse sides of the farmer and animals, and also how the stands work 🙂
Whole project is 30,600 stitches and I don’t really know how many colours! 😀

Next, starrley’s favourite Pokemon.

She made a list of her favourite Pokemon, but I couldn’t choose which one I wanted to stitch so I did all ten! They are on sparkly aida (it has lurex in the weave) and it’s stitched onto felt. Wasn’t quite sure what to do with it so left it at that, I’m sure starrley will do something with it! 😀

The pouch.

This was a last-minute thing I made (literally the night before posting). I got this idea in my head to do something Star Trek. I was watching TNG and Picard was getting his tea…I was going to send some anyway and so this tea pouch was born! I cross stitched the words on to some dark blue aida, stitched it on to some felt and did some blanket stitch up the sides. Then I stuffed it full of Twinings Earl Grey tea bags. Perfect for a TNG fan! 😀

And finally the card (plus some bonus artwork from Ivy).

On starrley’s deviantART profile it says that Alphonse Mucha is one of her favourite artists (one of mine too, as it happens) and she had said in her swap info that she liked Erika from Pokemon. So I drew this, based on a combination of her HeartGold / SoulSilver sprite and some artwork, chucked in a few Mucha-esque elements and painted it up. I probably could have done better, maybe if I hadn’t tried to go as fast as possible! And Ivy’s picture is a smiley starrley with her name written underneath (it’s supposed to say China, although she wobbled on the C)

And that was the swap for me! 😀

Next, moar stuff for the craft fair. Lots moar. Next week is IHSW July, so hopefully I will get lots done! And I need to, because I have…let’s call him a guest…staying with me for a few days next week, and it’d just be rude to be stitching all the time when…other things could be going on. If you get my meaning. 😉
ANYWAY…will definitely have some more stuff for you soon, and possibly BEFORE the IHSW! 😀

Tentacool/Tentacruel ~complete~

My second piece for the Patchwork Gym project.

I like this one, it was easy and a lot of fun to stitch. Here is a picture of it with the Staryu/Starmie piece:

I enjoyed working with 14ct aida, which is something I don’t do often anymore. I also rather liked the size of these pieces, very quick and easy. Doing the backgrounds was a little tedious, but not too bad and they do look quite nice!

Staryu/Starmie ~Complete~

Apologies for the lack of posting recently. I’ve been hard at work on various stitching projects, as well as the million other things I need to do every day 🙂

Here’s my first finished Pokemon patch:

I had to pick out a lot of the colours myself (which is sometimes tough because DMC don’t exactly have an awesome range of purples) but I think I did ok! 🙂

Coming soon – FFVIII Rinoa and Tentacool/Tentacruel!!

Staryu/Starmie WIP

S’right, I’m doing Pokemon again. For the Patchwork Gym project 😀

I didn’t think I would have time to stitch any patches for the project what with the Sprite Stitch quilt, but I’ve managed to squeeze a couple in. First up is Staryu and Starmie! Hyaa! 😀

Thanks to Shiva, I’m low on the light blues needed for the sea…so it won’t be finished until I get some more threads – which I will also need for my second patch, Tentacool and Tentacruel.
I’ll finish up Starmie and then I’ll crack on with FFVIII Rinoa until my order arrives 😀

More to come really soon! ^^

P.S. Please check out the Patchwork Gym blog, which I write and update for the team! 😀

It’s not very effective…

This is my entry into the Sprite Stitch February challenge – “Unlikely Partnership”. As techno-ninja put it, a kind of anti-valentine. I wasn’t sure I was going to enter, but I had an idea one day and couldn’t resist stitching it up. And this was it! Tails attempting to carry Snorlax – quite an unlikely partnership, I think 🙂

Well, I have work to do (mostly on squares!) but I also have an upcoming important project that I will be posting about shortly. So stay tuned!! ^^

Catching up (or trying to, at least)

I can’t believe it’s nearly the end of October already. Seems like only yesterday that I was working on the Diglett/Dugtrio thing… I guess time really doesn’t wait for anyone 🙂

Let me deal with all the stuff that’s been going on since my old PC sailed off to oblivion. Of course, there was the alphabet challenge. I didn’t win (didn’t really expect to though lol), but I shared second place with riotpatch – we both got 20% of the votes each – and first place went to Sprite Stitch member “supermarkio”, congrats! Check out the final entries here.

Next up is the September mini-swap. My secret partner was “ezsebeth” from Belgium, who likes Pokemon. So I made her a hussif (a sewing pouch with goodies in) with Dragonite on the front.

Pictures taken by ezsebeth.


I think it could have gone better, but my sewing machine decided if my PC wasn’t going to work then it was going on strike. So, I ended up stitching the lot by hand! I also included goodies, such as pins, needles, scissors and things like that (I got a small sewing kit from the local supermarket and raided it :D). I hope ezsebeth likes it and can use it 🙂

My swap gift was from “stephaniem” – how she ever guessed what I hoped to get I’ll never know lol. She gave me this :

A Black Mage [heart] bookmark! I read a lot, but I didn’t have a bookmark, and never got around to making one for myself (I basically just tried to remember where I was up to in a book, with limited success). The visual representation of my user name is great and I love the colours. So, thankyou stephaniem!!

I think I’ll leave it there for today (don’t want to make this post too long and bloaty), but I will continue tomorrow with more of my recent works in progress and other news.


The Craft Swap – Part Two b!

As promised – the final part of my craft swap adventures!! Here are pictures of the items at their new homes:

The Pikachu was painted in acrylic on canvas for Turqoizyoshi, and the PSIV Demi keyholder was cross stitched on 14ct aida (the frame, mount and hooks I made myself ^^) for Bamiyan.

I had a lot of fun making these, Turqoiz and Bamiyan seem to be happy so it’s been a win for everyone 😀

So…now I think I can finally say the craft swap is over for me. I think it’s been a success, and I look forward to September’s mini swap, as well as future big swaps ^^