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Crafty Creatives

Hello friends! Hope you are all well!

OK, so a little while ago I was introduced to a lovely lady called Claire, from a craft outfit called Crafty Creatives. What they do is make up surprise boxes full of goodies and send them out to their subscribing members. Now, what they wanted from me was, naturally, cross stitch patterns! Naturally. 😀
Their theme for the box this month is cakes and sweets and so I made four very simple cross stitch patterns around that. (Actually kind of weird since I’m stitching a set of cupcakes anyway!) All the patterns had to be very small and be used with any two thread colours – not an easy feat I can tell you! But I did my best and I’m pleased to say the boxes have all been sent out to the subbies!

Claire very kindly plugged this blog and Sprite Stitch, but also sent me a free box to try out – which I’m going to review for you all today! If you’re visiting from Crafty Creatives and don’t have your box yet, I’d advise you to look away now!

So, let’s start with the box, minus its pink parcel bag:
I love all these little touches, stickers and spotty paper. It really feels personal! Anyway, what’s inside? Well…


Here we have: a sweetie themed art card (it has words on the back), a recipe card, another card about taking a photo of yourself with your box, some tags, ice cream buttons, m&m beads, coloured beads, cake slice charms, a mini cookie cutter, some lovely double-sided papers, a cupcake ribbon, a gorgeous piece of material and of course, the cross stitch kit. And some lollies, yum!

Let me show you that material, it’s simply wonderful.
It’s really pretty, the picture does it no justice at all! (I need some more of this, the colours will be perfect for my new kitchen scheme.)

And let’s not forget the cross stitch kit! 😉
There’s two threads (randomly selected by the CC girls), a piece of vintage coloured 14ct aida with a needle, a flexi-hoop and the four patterns. MY NAME IS ON THE SHEET, YAY! 😀 They’re kind of hard to make out in the picture but I will stitch these up over the weekend. Well…I’ve already stitched them before to test their size, but I want to use this box properly so I have no problems doing it again! I will post all the cake stitchings in a few days.

Here’s another shot of the box contents:
I’ll be honest in saying I wasn’t sure what to expect from the box but I was so surprised and impressed by the quality of the items inside. I will definitely be having fun with this box, so look out for what I get up to with the stuff! Except the lollies, because I don’t think anyone needs a picture of me eating ’em!

Can I just take a moment to thank Crafty Creatives for allowing me the opportunity to help out with their project and also a big welcome and thanks to any of the CC subbies who visit my blog!

Next time…hopefully I will be doing a super-big catch-up post. It’s been too long since I crammed the internet full of my wares.
Until then, toodles!



Tweaking some stuff around here

I’m at it again. Can’t seem to leave it alone! Just want to make sure everything’s correct, maybe add some stuff, remove some stuff, that sort of thing.
Apologies to anyone who might be looking for my pattern list, the page is down while I review / update it. They aren’t gone, though and will be back! In the meantime, I suggest going to the new (ish) Sprite Stitch wiki page. It’s serving as our pattern database and contains links to all the patterns on the forums. It’s updated very regularly by spinuntilyoufall (who does a great job!) and is very well organised 🙂
It can be found at http://spritestitchpatterns.wikispaces.com/ – please check it out because there is a huge list of patterns there! And if what you want isn’t there, you can always ask at the forums 😀

Getting back to the crafting…in my next post I’ll be showing my current stitching projects so look out for that!

Littlemojo’s Pokemon patterns

Due to a recent discussion on Sprite Stitch, I have added 252 of Littlemojo’s Pokemon patterns to my SkyDrive (link can be found on downloads page). These are for public use but I can’t stress too much that if you use them PLEASE CREDIT LITTLEMOJO!! She made many many good patterns, my Pichu/Pikachu/Raichu stitching was based on one. Some other members are hosting some more of her patterns too, find the links here. And, while she’s away, I can only say that I hope she is well and does not stay away from the interwebs for too long!

Updates and downtime

Ahh, I’m back. My internets broke and I couldn’t post. But I’ve not been lazy, oh no! I’ve been working on completing a Phantasy Star stitching and I also began a pokemon stitching.

Right now I’m trying to come up with a design for the stitch-a-long over at Sprite Stitch. It’s Final Fantasy themed and there’s been a lot of good stuff posted so far. Check it out here 🙂

To make up for my lack of posting, I’ve added a downloads page. It’s small at the minute but hopefully I’ll be bulking it out with stuff soon ^_^

EDIT: Free patterns have now been added! New ones will be added regularly 🙂