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I’m back (again)!

It has been WAY too long since I last blog’d. I promised myself I was going to blog regularly but it just didn’t work out like that, unfortunately!
I’ve been struggling more than usual with everyday life for about 2 years now and sometimes I have these periods of zero activity. But recently, I’ve kicked myself in the butt and started crafting again! So I figured it was time to blog again, too.
I’ve also been tinkering with the look of the blog, and it may change a few more times before I’m totally happy, so please bear with me while I make up my mind! (Also feel free to leave comments and suggestions, especially suggestions!)
Ivy (that’s my daughter for those of you who know not) will be back at school next week so I will have more time to blog and craft, and that’s when I’ll fill you all in on what’s been going on craft-wise!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!


Sick Mage

As the title suggests, I haven’t been feeling well recently, so there was a distinct lack of posts – especially the WIPocalypse and IHSW posts. I feel bad about that, because I don’t like signing up for things and then not doing them. But apart from short bursts of energy I’ve spent the majority of my time in bed, so it couldn’t be helped. I started stitching again today, so I know I’m feeling at least partially better. Or maybe just really, really bored!
I’ll be trying to get back on track with things as I improve, so there’ll be updates on projects and stuff soon!

IHSW January (and other things)

2013 was a difficult year for me. I had so many personal and health problems that I was completely overwhelmed. But I found that I had true friends who helped me when I needed it, and that gave me hope. So now I’m trying to improve my situation, health and life – I will include some of what I do in my blog, hopefully to help or inspire others. I’ll be losing weight (or rather, fat), getting fitter, learning new crafts and stuff, playing video games again and of course I’ll be stitching more!

And what better way to kick things off than a report on January’s IHSW? 😀
Over the weekend, I worked on my current commission for TheChairSlayer. He asked me to stitch the Empress Tarot Card from Ogre Battle, to match the Emperor he already has.

Here it is before the IHSW:

Empress WIP 1

And here it is after the IHSW!

Empress WIP 4

There’ll be more on this piece very soon, and many other things!


Lazy woman is lazy. Also IHSW and stuff.

So…not exactly when I said I’d post but close enough, right? Right? 😀
I’ll be honest, my motivation level is still pretty low, but I have been doing stuff and I did do some stitching for the last IHSW like I said. Not much, but it was more than I had been doing. Anyway, have some pictures! 😀

Nei WIP 12

This is the Nei project. Before the IHSW her skin tones weren’t fully done, so during the weekend I finished that and made a start on the hair.

Also during the IHSW I made a start on the Blaze from Streets of Rage, I think she was finished by the next Thursday, so I made Adam too! Here they are:

Blaze Fielding ~Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle~

Adam Hunter ~Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle~

And with the Axel I made a while back:

Streets of Rage / Bare Knuckle

I’m pretty happy with how they turned out. They need backs and then a purpose…although I have this image in my head. You ever seen a set of three ducks on a wall? Like that. In case you don’t know what I’m on about, I mean ducks like:


Pic of wall ducks I “borrowed” from amazon.co.uk

Only Streets of Rage characters. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea! 😀

I started an Ice Climbers piece for Ivy, she kept asking for me to make it. She chose some ice blue aida. I’m working on it now and it’s not far from being done so will have a picture of that soon.
I was supposed to start making a fabric advent calendar on 1st – the idea was for me to make a number pocket every day. Thought it might help with the motivation! So far…zero pockets. But it’s only the 4th so maybe I can catch up. When I’ve done all the numbers I’ll attach them to a piece of fabric and put it away to use next year (will put treats in the pockets!)

I have been doing other stuff, although right now I can’t think what they might be. Morph balls, possibly…maybe a Black Mage too? When I find out I’ll do another post with pics and stuff. 🙂
Really need to bash my sis around the head for some good pictures of my cosplay too.

Anyway, hope everyone is well and keeping busy! 😀

The Plan.

IHSW TIME! Here’s what I plan to be working on over the weekend:

WIPs – Nei’s the most likely candidate for the most work, but I might cycle a few pieces such as mother’s leafy thing, Daedric lettering, Prishe and the new pieces I started the other day from Halo Zero.
New starts – I got a few patterns languishing in the depths of my hard disks that I really would like to make a start on and now seems like a good time! I also have a few mini kits I’d like to make use of too 🙂

Not much of a plan, I know. I’ll try and do as much as I can, with pics to follow of course!

Oh, and before I forget, one of the Sprite Stitch quilts is up for auction on Ebay! We’d really appreciate it if as many people as possible could share the link in their various places! 😀

Everybody have a great weekend! 😀

I’m back :)

I’ve been kinda silent for a while. Some of you may know already but in October I was struck down with a bad case of tonsillitis (really made my birthday suck!) and was basically out of action for a week +. When I got better it came back! 😦
While I was sick I tried to make things but only really ended up concentrating on  a Black Mage costume for the Distant Worlds show in London on the 2nd November. I was still putting the finishing touches on the morning of the show! And I didn’t get to add all the extra bits I wanted to. My sister says she will get me some good cosplay pics, I’ll share those here as well as the other thing I managed to do (which is secret for now!)

Other than that, I haven’t been able to really do much, apart from help with the things going on at Sprite Stitch – challenges, mini-swap and the site’s 5th birthday celebrations! Oh and a bit of Skyrim for its 1st birthday 😀

So, I’m pretty much back up and running, and feeling the need to make things. Things need making! I have birthday presents, must finish that leaf thing for my mother (tonsillitis got in the way of that!) and I have a ton of ideas for my Etsy and for Christmas.

I missed last month’s IHSW so I’m making sure I do this month’s! My plan is to post on Friday with some of the things I want to do over the weekend, and post again on Monday/Tuesday with how far I got. That’s the plan, anyway – we’ll see how that goes!

Anyway, it’s good to be back around and I’ll be checking out everyone’s blogs soon to see what I’ve been missing! 😀

Tweaking some stuff around here

I’m at it again. Can’t seem to leave it alone! Just want to make sure everything’s correct, maybe add some stuff, remove some stuff, that sort of thing.
Apologies to anyone who might be looking for my pattern list, the page is down while I review / update it. They aren’t gone, though and will be back! In the meantime, I suggest going to the new (ish) Sprite Stitch wiki page. It’s serving as our pattern database and contains links to all the patterns on the forums. It’s updated very regularly by spinuntilyoufall (who does a great job!) and is very well organised 🙂
It can be found at http://spritestitchpatterns.wikispaces.com/ – please check it out because there is a huge list of patterns there! And if what you want isn’t there, you can always ask at the forums 😀

Getting back to the crafting…in my next post I’ll be showing my current stitching projects so look out for that!

Busy – with secret stuff!

Sorry for not posting anything recently – I’m working on a number of projects I have to keep secret for the moment. Some are for the mini-swap that’s underway at Sprite Stitch (which I have also organised! very hard work :D) and as usual I can’t post about those things until my partner reveals them first! But I will do so as soon as I can. The other thing is something I have to keep under my hat for the time being, but if I am able to I will share what it is. Ooh, it’s great being so enigmatic for once! Everyone likes a mystery, right? 😀

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of drawing, jewellery making…and coming up with some things to put in my etsy shop for the grand opening – whenever that is! Whenever I get time, I suppose 😀

Oh and since my little corner of the ‘net is approaching 10,000 views (not much, I know, but I never expected to get anywhere near that!) I might do a little contest, or something fun like that, to celebrate. More on that very soon!

March News / Updates

Well…I’m sorry to say that I have nothing to show so far this month :O Shocking, I know. Recently I had a nasty bout of dermatitis on my hands, which was so sore I had to not do any stitching for a couple of weeks til it cleared up. So, I didn’t get to take part in the Feb bookmark challenge ;_; Congrats go to techno-ninja, the winner of the contest – check out the winning and all other entries here.

Ah, well….the hands are better now and the March craft swap is underway!! Unfortunately I can’t share any details on who my partner is, or what I’m making for them! You know, incase they look here and see :O I am happy to report that so far it’s going quite well. Currently I’m working on a cross stitch, which will be sent along with a bunch of other goodies. I do hope the recipient likes them!:D

And of course, this also means that I will be receiving something from a mystery crafter. I have no idea who it is or what they are making for me, but I’m looking forward to finding out! Pics of my received and sent items will be posted at the end of May.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks I should have some things completed and posted, including my first pixel painting (supposing I can peel myself off Star Trek Online and Final Fantasy XIII long enough to finish it off lol).

Bye for now!