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Craft Fair

I meant to do this post on Sunday, but uh…I went home. To Skyrim. Had a day’s rest from crafting!
As I’ve previously posted, I’ve been making things for a local craft fair, which was held on Saturday. It was my first event and it went a lot better than expected! I actually sold a few small items and several people took my card, which was great. 😀
I think the thing I liked most was how many people were interested in my crafts and how I like to use things from video games.

Here’s a picture of my table.

I had some more stuff behind! Some of you might recognise a few of the items up there, but there was a lot of stuff I made especially. And here they are (lots of pics!):

There was also a Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat (Mega Drive/Genesis version) that I don’t seem to have a picture of yet. I will get one!
And I forgot to get a picture of the yellow Pikachu scented sachet, but that one sold! I shall have to make another one 😀

So, that was my craft fair. I’m doing another one at the end of October, so I hope to be better prepared for that one. Any tips for that sort of thing will be greatly appreciated! 😀

Now I’m back to working on my second piece for the Sprite Stitch quilt, and also another secret project. Coming up will be a bunch of birthday presents too…!

And finally, I want to add a quick apology to everyone in the July IHSW – I didn’t get around to looking at all your blogs! I’m so sorry! I was just so busy, I did nothing but stitch for what felt like forever. The August IHSW is this coming weekend, so I will definitely try to catch up with you all! ❤



That time again, huh…

OK! Short post, because I really have to get back to stitching!
Here’s what I’ve been working on at the weekend. (Mostly.)

All stuff for the upcoming craft fair. Here we have: PEGI bad language icon (WIP), Mario shrooms, a Gracidea flower from Pokemon, a ton of Pokeballs, a Chao and some edibles from Shining Force III (WIP). Should be finished with the stitching part of this batch today or tomorrow (hopefully), at which point I start the next bunch of stuff! Still need to add the finishing parts though (badges, magnets, frames etc).

And hopefully I’ll be able to get around all the blogs this time, see what other people have been doing with their weekends! 😀


You know, I promised myself I wasn’t gonna leave posting until the next IHSW…but here we are again! I’d say I don’t know where all the time has gone, but I actually do know. I’ve been working on my gifts for the Sprite Stitch swap (that’s looking like it’s gonna go right to the wire) and a couple of other projects too. And they are what I worked on during the weekend.

My new favourite project, Nei from Phantasy Star 2. I started this a few weeks ago and have been stitching on and off in between the swap stuff. Over the weekend I did a lot of the skin tones (particularly the lighter part you can see here). About halfway done with this one!

These little shrooms will be for a local craft fair I have coming up in August. I’ll be making a ton of other stuff for that, which I’ll make sure to get pictures of!

And of course, I worked a lot on my swap gifts – I can’t wait to be able to show them to you. Which will hopefully be in a couple of weeks time, when the intended victim receives them! 😀

Oh, and because I’m nice, and because I said I would, I just wanted to let everyone know about a giveaway my friend Philpepe of “Jack and Jill of All Trades” is having. He’s offering a $30 credit to spend on anything in his Etsy store! So, here’s some links to his various online stops! And I believe there are regular sales and things too! 😀

WordPress Blog: http://jackandjillcrafts.wordpress.com/
Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/JackandJillofAllTrades
Etsy Store: http://www.etsy.com/shop/jackandjillcrafts

Til next time! (Which is NOT going to be IHSW July!) 😀