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That time again, huh…

OK! Short post, because I really have to get back to stitching!
Here’s what I’ve been working on at the weekend. (Mostly.)

All stuff for the upcoming craft fair. Here we have: PEGI bad language icon (WIP), Mario shrooms, a Gracidea flower from Pokemon, a ton of Pokeballs, a Chao and some edibles from Shining Force III (WIP). Should be finished with the stitching part of this batch today or tomorrow (hopefully), at which point I start the next bunch of stuff! Still need to add the finishing parts though (badges, magnets, frames etc).

And hopefully I’ll be able to get around all the blogs this time, see what other people have been doing with their weekends! πŸ˜€


Post-Christmas Post

Greetings of the season to you all – hope you all enjoyed yourselves πŸ˜‰

I haven’t been stitching for a couple of days, partly because of the Christmas chaos but also because I’ve seen a return of my dermatitis – and it’s feeling particularly vengeful. I did manage to make a couple of small decorations last week.

The top one is a Christmas themed Portal image – the pattern was created by comatosegrl and posted in the Sprite Stitch forums, all credit and many thanks to her πŸ™‚ The second one is a Mario star, with a sparkly backstitch border (go DMC Light Effects!!). Both stitchings were stuck to felt and a ribbon was added, so they could hang on my tree. I would have made more but I just couldn’t find the time – guess there’s always next year πŸ˜€

I’ve also done some more to the Fighters Guild.

I would have liked it finished in time for Christmas, but what with my course and everything else I couldn’t manage it. I will be working on it some more this week so we’ll see how far I get (and it’ll be more of a challenge since I will be wearing cotton gloves while doing it, lol).

Update soon!