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Sprite Stitch Challenges

I know, I’m terrible at blogging. I’ve gotten rather lazy about it (like many things) and if I wasn’t putting it off I was forgetting it. But here I am now with a small roundup of some of the things I’ve finished in the past few months.

I’m going to start with my Skyrim quilt square. I meant to post some progress on this for the IHSW recently but…eh. Anyway, I have since finished and sent it! So, here’s a picture. πŸ™‚

Shrine of Azura ~Skyrim~

It was the only square I could manage this year unfortunately (due to my illness among other things), but I made several patterns for other people to use.

Now, a collection of my recent Sprite Stitch challenge entries.

March – Minimalism

Ecco the Dolphin Minimalist

Super Metroid Minimalist

These are Ecco and Super Metroid. I went super minimalist with my two small entries. I really wanted to show how minimalist you could go – the Ecco one is the best example of that!


April – Sampler Stitch-A-Long

Sprite Stitch Band Sampler

Sampler Shot 2

We had so much fun with this. We all designed bands, which were voted on – the top ten were put into my Hat and three were selected with Random magic. The last band was our own choice out of all the ones entered. I think we actually ended up with over 100 designs!
The final bands were: Super Mario Kart, DDR and Journey. We stitched one per week, and used any extra time to add borders and things. In the last week I chose a Mystic Quest band designed by merrywether, finished up my border and stitched personal things in between the bands. They sort of ended up as bands themselves! One of my favourite projects to do and it turned out nicely. πŸ™‚


May – Black Mage Holiday

BMH on holiday

I left the challenge for May in the capable hands of my good friend starrley while I had a holiday, and the challenge was all about that. Where would a Black Mage go on holiday? What would s/he do? There were some awesome entries and I loved all of them. I wasn’t planning to enter but at the end of the challenge I got dressed up in my Black Mage outfit (that I made for the FF concert back in November) and snoozed under my Hat. So, this is me on holiday!



June/July – Colouring Book

Akatosh Sequin Art

The main reason I took a “holiday” was to set up this challenge. It wasn’t easy to get together a bunch of images and make them into outlines but I think I did alright. There were images from Zelda, Pokemon, Portal and more. I really wanted to do something different so I used the Akatosh symbol from Elder Scrolls and went mad with sequins. The result is what you see above. Over 2000 gloriously dazzling laser hologram sequins! Very fun to do, if somewhat fiddly when it comes to sewing them on, but I’d love to do more!

And that’s it so far. The current challenge for August is all about bling, so if I have time I may whip something up. I have plenty of UFOs to pick up too! I also have to prepare for next month, when it’s time again for the Mini Swap! πŸ™‚

Thank you for reading (if you made it this far) and hopefully it won’t be too long until my next post! πŸ™‚



IHSW April :)

This was the first time I’d participated in the International Hermit and Stitch weekend, which is organised by the lovely Joyce of Random Ramblings. Basically, for one weekend a month, participants can stitch as much (or as little!) as they like! Then they blog about it the following Monday – hence this post!
I used the IHSW as motivation to finish a couple of things I had lying around, do some work on my gift for the current Sprite Stitch swap and I also dug out an old WIP to work on, too. Here’s what I’ve been doing!

Tyris Flare from Golden Axe, on 14ct plastic canvas. She’s now taped to my wall next to Axel, until I get around to doing that thing I was gonna do to them! πŸ˜€

A bookmark, inspired by the beautiful indie game Journey. The character you play as in that has a wondeful scarf, that grows as you pick up symbols. It’s also an indicator of a sort of energy (used for jumping/flying/etc I believe). As the energy is used, the scarf loses its patterns – and I’ve tried to show that in my stitching! Took ages to get the pattern just right, had to draw it out in PCStitch by hand. (Getting better at that, though!)
Stitched on a 14ct burgundy Aida band.

This is the WIP I dug out of my basket. I started this last year (at the same time I was working on the Shiva square) and never got around to doing anymore to it. It’s the Dissidia 012 portrait of FFXI’s Prishe. I like the artwork from Dissidia and wanted to try one of the character portraits. I think I’m going to leave this where I can see it and do some more work on it later.

I also did a lot to my swap gift, but as usual I can’t show that until my partner receives it. It’s going to be great! I hope. πŸ˜€

Anyway, I really enjoyed the IHSW, and will definitely be participating in the next one! πŸ˜€