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If I ever try something like this again…

…you all have my permission to do whatever it takes to stop me! What was I thinking? 245 colours! And that was AFTER I reduced them as best I could! I thought the Great Fairy piece last year was nuts, but this was just insane.
Oh, I’m talking about the Ivy piece for the Sprite Stitch quilt, that I spent my entire IHSW on. I finished it at 2:45am this morning!
Here she is:

Still looks pink on my phone camera (although to be honest, everything does!) Looks better the further back you stand from it, hehe. Despite hating it most of the way through, in that way that we do when only some of the pieces are in the puzzle, I’m really happy with how it came together. Also, pretty sure it can stand up by itself, there’s that much thread in the back. Kinda bulky in some places, but I knew that would happen because of the stupid amount of colours! It should be fine with another wash, though. (Which it will be getting when it gets to Toni, the quilter.)
I am most happy with the sword, actually – I was afraid it wasn’t going to stand out from the armour but it seems fine!
Here’s a picture I snapped of both my pieces before they left earlier today:

I feel a certain sense of relief that they are gone now. But the work for this Black Mage never stops, as I’m sure some of you know! I have (as usual) a bazillion more projects to finish, and indeed start! πŸ˜€


IHSW August

How was everybody’s weekend? πŸ˜€

This IHSW I put all my stitching time into one project, my second square for the Sprite Stitch quilt – Ivy from Soulcalibur (Dreamcast version – her best incarnation in my opinion.)

It’s a really, really complicated piece, with LOTS of colour changes!

I did a lot of the colours at the weekend, as well as unpicking 900+ stitches of DMC 902 and replacing it with DMC 814 (because it made the 814 next to the 902 looked really weird…like there was a dark ring around Ivy’s head.) All fixed though.

Here’s what it looked like when I picked it up again last Monday (after the swap and craft fair projects):

And here’s where I’m at now with it:

Feel like I got a lot done, but like it’s never going to end! πŸ˜€
Ugh, my phone camera makes it look really pink. It’s not as bad as that in daylight, although it is quite pink looking in places. I have about half the colours done (I know – there’s a lot of 2s and 1s all over!) and hopefully will be finished today or tomorrow. At which point it’ll get washed, stretched and ironed and sent straight off to be added to the quilt! (Also must get a better picture of it, too) πŸ˜€