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Sprite Stitch Quilt Finished~!

tnitnetnyΒ really pulled out all the stops on this one. It only took her a couple of days to complete our quilt, and here it is:

She also embroidered the Sprite Stitch and Child’s Play squares!
I love how it turned out, and I want to thank everyone who got involved πŸ™‚
Our plan now is to get organised and send it to the Penny Arcade / Child’s Play dinner where it will be auctioned off. Hopefully someone there will love it as much as we do, and give lots of money! πŸ˜€

Some other news now.
I haven’t been posting anything I’ve made lately because I’m working on a set of gifts in the current Sprite Stitch mini-swap. When my partner receives them, I’ll be able to post about them here. What I can say is the first one (that I’m working on now) is turning out really nice!

Also, someone on deviantArt told me that Game Arts tweeted about my Justin and Feena stitchings on their Twitter! I have thanked GA, of course, and they told me they were “very impressed” ! That made me happy πŸ˜€
Many thanks go to all the people who found me because of that tweet, fav’d my work, and added my stuff to their dA group, #Icarians!

Back soon with more stuff! πŸ™‚


Grandia Pt.2 – Feena

Second piece of my mini tribute to Grandia – Feena.

64×64, 4096 stitches, 46 colours, on 16ct aida. She looks a little too pink in this pic, I totally blame my phone’s camera for that as it’s nothing like that in real life. I shall update soon with a good pic of both Feena and Justin.

I have to leave the Grandia stuff for a while as there is a mini swap on at Sprite Stitch – as well as participating in it I’m actually organising it! I also have some birthdays and other projects coming up too (including some cosplay!) and they have to be done first.
As for Feena, and Justin – they will most likely be framed soon as I think I’m gonna list ’em on Etsy! πŸ˜€

Grandia Pt.1 – Justin

Recently, I heard the news that Takeshi Miyaji, the co-founder of Game Arts passed away aged 45. Game Arts made some excellent games, two of my favourites being Alisia Dragoon and Grandia.
I was looking for something to stitch and decided to make a sort of mini-tribute to Game Arts, Miyaji-san and Grandia (because I’ve already done Alisia Dragoon!) so here’s part one – Justin.

64×64, 4096 stitches, 44 colours, on 16ct aida.

I haven’t decided which character to do next but I hope to resolve that and start stitching it soon! ❀

Some stuff!

I finally got around to getting some half done projects finished in the last week or so!

First we have the Alisia Dragoon stitching I started ages ago:

Next, the Sprite Stitch heart logo (designed by Nintendophile):

A quote from the first season of Supernatural:

And, because I totally forgot to post about it at the time, my Resident Evil entry in to a recent Sprite Stitch quotes challenge:

You will notice that only two of the four are framed…that’s because I’m not quite sure that Alisia and the peepers one are quite done. I feel like I want to add something to them, but I don’t know what. For now, I’ll keep them on ice while I think of something….and start my next project! πŸ˜€

The unreliable poster strikes again (aka catching up pt2)

I realise this isn’t the tomorrow I was on about in my last post, but what can I say? I’m lazy lol. I’ve not really been doing much last few days except for sitting in front of the tv too much… But, as I promised, here’s some pics of my recent WIP’s. First up – the Fighters’ Guild crest from Oblivion.

My sister requested this one as she’s kinda into Oblivion right now. It’s been sidelined a fair bit what with all the swaps etc I’ve been doing, but I’m back into it and it’s not too big so it should be finished fairly soon.

Next – Alisia Dragoon.

I started this one when my old PC died and I was left for a while with only printed out patterns. Alisia Dragoon was the first console game me and my bro bought with our own money – sadly the cartridge stopped working about a year later, but I still have it for sentimental value πŸ˜€ I think that’s partly why I chose to do this one and not one of my other printed patterns (which I must get around to doing, lol).

I’ve also been crocheting and doing blackwork (as birthday presents for my family) and I shall be bribing asking my sis to go on a mission to get pics at the weekend πŸ™‚