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Lots of stitching!

It’s been too long since I last posted something here. Life has been busy, personal stuff, stitching stuff, all kinds of stuff. But I have a whole bunch of stuff to share!

I got around to framing my Feena and Justin pieces, they are now up for sale in my Etsy shop.

Another Skyrim piece, also for Etsy (and to prevent loitering in general).

One more Shining Force III icon, a cute little thing called “Charm”!

A couple of gifts for people who (still) haven’t received their stuff in the mini-swap we at Sprite Stitch in September/October.

I’ve also completed a Streets of Rage piece, a retro-style FFXI piece and a Breath of Fire III piece, but don’t have good pictures of them yet (soon, I promise!) 😀

And I’m working on more stuff for my shop, a piece for the Sprite Stitch 2012 quilt (I’ll be putting WIPs of that up in the next week) and a commission piece!
So I shall be incredibly busy stitching!


Grandia Pt.2 – Feena

Second piece of my mini tribute to Grandia – Feena.

64×64, 4096 stitches, 46 colours, on 16ct aida. She looks a little too pink in this pic, I totally blame my phone’s camera for that as it’s nothing like that in real life. I shall update soon with a good pic of both Feena and Justin.

I have to leave the Grandia stuff for a while as there is a mini swap on at Sprite Stitch – as well as participating in it I’m actually organising it! I also have some birthdays and other projects coming up too (including some cosplay!) and they have to be done first.
As for Feena, and Justin – they will most likely be framed soon as I think I’m gonna list ’em on Etsy! 😀