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New year, new projects

Has it really been so long since I posted? I guess I got distracted…again! No matter, here I am back once more and with some stitchings too!

IMG_20150113_180015Here we have a Golden Axe dragon statue, Aarbon from Shadow of the Beast (the purple dude), a lovely fairy from Link to the Past, Shiva from Final Fantasy VI and a grumpy-looking Boo. They’re all on plastic and I haven’t cut them out yet, because I have been busy with my WIPs.

IMG_20150113_180100This will be Adam from Streets of Rage when it’s done. Right now it’s just the black. 🙂

I know it’s not a new project, but I’ve also been working on my Arena stitching:

IMG_20150113_181653It’s really starting to look like something now, instead of just a weird brown blob!

And finally, KingCon 2015 was announced! I really want to get a table again but the price has gone up dramatically. I think it’ll probably be worth it though. Watch this space!





Sprite Stitch Mini Swap 2011 ~ Part One!

Part one because I’ve just sent my gifts out today, and also received some! (Part two will happen when my gifts arrive at their new home, of course.)
Isabelle, otherwise known as Craftymaster90, sent me two lovely stitchings as part of the mini craft swap.

First, this gorgeous version of the dragon symbol from The Elder Scrolls series.

She also sent me this lovely FFX Lulu, which she designed from scratch!

I can’t tell you how much I love these two pieces!
Isabelle is leaving it to me to frame / finish these however I wish, and I hope I’ll come up with something equally as wonderful as they are!

Please check out Isabelle’s other works on her deviantART – http://izzyxiii.deviantart.com/ .