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A little later than intended…

OK, a lot later. I didn’t mean to forget about posting, I’ve just been up to my neck in all kinds of projects! Very, very busy, as ever.
This post has quite a few images! ๐Ÿ˜€

This was a commission for a lovely, lovely guy on deviantART called Greg aka “TheChairSlayer”. He does the perler beads but found he couldn’t match the colours for this piece and requested it as a stitching instead! It is a Tarot card from Ogre Battle on the SNES, a long time favourite of his.
It is stitched on 16 ct hand dyed aida in “Barely Lime” (although it seems impossible to capture it in ANY photo) and wasย 3346 stitches in 14 colours. A very fun piece to work on!

Ahh, this. The elusive Ecco II square for the Sprite Stitch 2012 quilt. I took WIPs of this and kept forgetting to upload them to places…when I finally decided to get around to it the piece was finished!
This piece gave me some real trouble, as the stitching programs couldn’t seem to accept that there were more blues in the sea than they claimed. So I had to hand-draw quite a lot of the pattern! But I think it turned out quite nice.
9216 stitches in 22 colours on 16ct aida.

This is Axel Stone, my favourite character from Streets of Rage. He’s currently taped to my wall above my desk to remind me that he needs to be finished! (Of course, I can’t take the hint – he’s been there since February ^^;)
He’s on 14ct plastic canvas, and needs cutting out and backing…because I have a plan for this dude. When I get around to doing that, I’ll post him here ๐Ÿ˜€

This is a very small old-school style sprite of Prishe from FFXI. Nick showed me the sprite and told me to stitch it. He was joking, but I did it anyway, because I thought it was cute!
I don’t know who made the sprite, so I can’t give the appropriate credit, but if you are out there – thanks and good job! ๐Ÿ˜€
277 stitches in 22 colours on 16ct aida.

A lovely sprite of Young Ryu and Nina from Breath of Fire III. I love that game and it’s probably my favourite in the BoF series. I was looking for something brightly coloured and quick to do (as a break from Ecco!) so decided on this.
1060 stitches in 51 colours on 14ct pale lemon (I know, you can’t tell, but trust me it is!) aida.

Finally, here is a bunch of stuff that I gave to my sister Dolly for her birthday on March 10th. There is:

  • Lilac crocheted headband
  • Skyrim Dark Brotherhood birthday card
  • Can of “Old Fashioned Moustache Elixir”
  • Cross stitched Silent Hill 2 “9 save points” coaster
  • Cross stitched Faerie from Breath of Fire III
  • Cross stitched badge of my 8 bit version of “Azura’s Star” from Skyrim

I also gave her a bottled Nirnroot that I bought from a wonderful Etsy shop, PortalandPortkey. Please check out her items!

Well, I must get back to the stitching – currently working on my gifts for the Sprite Stitch “big” swap. I won’t be able to post anything about that until my partner receives the stuff. But I have a few other things I’m working on as well that I will be able to share. And it won’t be so long until the next post! ๐Ÿ˜€


The Craft Swap – Part Two….a!

So, a while back I said I’d post pics of the stuff I made for my secret swap partner as soon as they revealed it…unfortunately, due to circumstances unknown she hasn’t been able to. ย I’m assuming real life, it nearly always is – my best mate says real life exists to get in the way of fun and he’s probably right ๐Ÿ˜€

Anyways, I waited a couple of months and I posted up pics on Sprite Stitch, now I shall do the same here! (Meant to earlier, but see the real life statement above ^^)

What you see here is:

– Cross stitch of the intro girl and Steiner the dragon from Beyond The Beyond

– Kirby plush cushion

– A starstorm (kinda like a snowstorm, but with stars!) with Rudy and Cecilia from Wild Arms

– Crochet bag with a Red Ribbon from Golden Sun (would have been better but I kinda ran out of time, I blame real life yet again!)

And that’s what I made. I’m pretty happy with it and I can only hope that nyami (my swap partner) is too ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, you may have noticed that the post title says part two a. This is because a couple of people didn’t receive their swap gifts – so some of us volunteered to make them new ones. I have made and sent one item each for Bamiyan and Turqoizyoshi, hopefully they will be arriving soon. As before, don’t wanna spoil the surprise by posting here (just incase they peek) but will post as soon as they have revealed em on Sprite Stitch.

And just before I go, I’ve gone and got myself a deviantART thing. It’s at http://blackmageheart.deviantart.com/ .ย Please check it out if you have time!

The Craft Swap – Part One!

The Sprite Stitch craft swap is over, there’s only a few peeps waiting to receive their stuff and/or post pics in the forums. I’m pleased to say I got my package last week, from the SS member Ellentje (from the Netherlands). Based on my favourite games, she made me a set of items that I absolutely LOVE!!


Black Mage amigurumi

Black Mage and White Mage stitched magnets

Bowie from Shining Force II stitching

Close up of Bowie

Cushion cover with a stitched "Rood Inverse" from Vagrant Story

Close up of the Rood

Pretty cool, huh? I think so. The amigurumi mage sits on my desk with my other toys, the magnets are waiting for me to get a memo board, the Bowie is waiting to be put up on the wall and the cushion is on my bed (it’s actually making my other cushion look bad – may have to stitch one up to go with it!)

I just want to say a big thank you to Ellentje, she obviously had a good think about the stuff I put in our starting questionnaire and she’s made stuff that I think suits me perfectly.

Check out the rest of the swap items here.

As to the things I have made…well I’m fairly sure my person has received their goodies, as soon as this is confirmed and they have posted pics I shall do so here ๐Ÿ™‚ So be looking out for Part Two!

What I’ve been doing (including challenge update)

Ok…I promised more posting and here it is, albeit much later than I hoped. I have been keeping busy, although lately I’ve been thrashing Shining Force III with my brother. For some reason we decided to get the Saturn out one day and….well it’s still out and is probably on right now.

I have managed to squeeze in some crafting though!

Still quite a way to go on this one..and the challenge ends at the end of January. A lot of things got in the way of this one, but I hope to have it done in time. At one point I thought I wouldn’t complete it (we had a lot of snow and this was slowing the post down – I was waiting for threads to arrive) so I started a smaller project :

I am going to try and finish both (and maybe enter them both into the challenge!)…all I have to do is try and ignore the familiar themes of Shining Force III and Shining the Holy Ark calling me….

I have also learned to crochet this month. I don’t do it particularly well but I do find it really enjoyable. For my first project I decided to make a pyjama case for my bed, based on an abstract design I’ve been playing around with for a few months (more on the abstract stuff in a future post).

Apologies for the bad lighting, the sun hid in the clouds and my sister had bailed so I had to use my phone camera >_<

The design is based on FF Black Mage colours (such as FFIX’s Vivi). Like I said, I’ve been playing with abstract ideas, but haven’t really had an opportunity to use them with something other than paint. Will post more when the case is finished!

And that’s what I’ve been doing! ๐Ÿ˜€