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In Due Time

Today for Blogging 101, I must write a post based on a blogging prompt – I’ve picked In Due Time from WordPress’ Daily Post :

“What’s your next, most pressing deadline? Are you excited, stressed, or ambivalent about it? What’s the first thing you’d like to do once you’re done with it?”

I find myself flip flopping about deadlines, actually. I used to adore having a time limit, and found it could really get my thinksponge coming up with all sorts of ideas. These days, I don’t set myself as many, and the ones I have had recently have been fairly flexible.

My next deadline, is my younger sister’s birthday on March 10th. I’m not excited or stressed or even ambivalent about it, really! But I love to make things for others, especially requests, and the more unusual the better!
She asked me to stitch a couple of things for her and even offered to pay me my commission rate, but she is a good lass and has bailed me out of a few situations, so I thought I would make them for her birthday instead. I have the smaller piece finished and waiting to be framed, just the big piece to do now.
They are composite images made of sprites from a game called Fleshchild, which is a fan game based on another game called Yume Nikki.

Here’s the finished stitch of the character portrait of Visi, in her Doll form (it makes more sense when you know what the game is about!):

Haha, it says “doll” and I call my sis “Dolly.”
I had to modify the sprite a bit, as the original had a plain background with a sort of snowy effect around the edges, but she wanted it to be more like the Vice character picture, with stripes. Easily done in Photoshop, then imported into PCStitch. I didn’t keep track of how long it took to stitch, but it’s fairly small so it wasn’t long – a few hours at most!

The big project is a lot larger in dimensions, but isn’t very complicated. It’s basically three red sprites on a black background, with a red border. I hope I have enough red!

“The first thing I’d like to do once I’m done with it?” Give them to their new owner and get the next project lined up!


Me and My Blog

Hello everyone – long time no post!

As I’m trying to kick start my blog again, I joined the WordPress Blogging 101 course. This post is my first assignment – a “who I am and why I’m here” kind of thing.
Since most of my readers and followers are already familiar with me and what I do, I figured this would be a good time to look back at what I’ve done and how far I’ve come with it.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of my cross stitch projects (and other things I make), rather than doing it in a physical format. Publishing posts online also enabled me to share things with the world at large, which is something that has given me confidence in my stitching endeavours. I have been fortunate enough to be able to inspire not only other stitchers but also people new to the craft.
Since this blog began way back in 2009, I’ve shared many work-in-progress pictures and photos of completed projects. I’ve redesigned the look of the pages several times (and I’m about to do it again.) I’ve gone through a lot in my personal life as well, and sometimes that’s reflected in my posting.

Part of the reason I signed up for Blogging 101 is that I’ve neglected my little place for so long now, and I really want to rediscover the love of posting and sharing that I had before.
So, if I’m successful with this course, I hope to be blogging more often this year – and that also means that I have to be stitching! (I already have some great projects in the works, so I could be off to a good start!)

I don’t know what else the course will involve, but I’m expecting a few more post-based assignments. Hopefully, it will all be good and I’ll be a proper blogger once again!

See you all soon!