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Sprite Stitch Quilt Finished~!

tnitnetny really pulled out all the stops on this one. It only took her a couple of days to complete our quilt, and here it is:

She also embroidered the Sprite Stitch and Child’s Play squares!
I love how it turned out, and I want to thank everyone who got involved 🙂
Our plan now is to get organised and send it to the Penny Arcade / Child’s Play dinner where it will be auctioned off. Hopefully someone there will love it as much as we do, and give lots of money! 😀

Some other news now.
I haven’t been posting anything I’ve made lately because I’m working on a set of gifts in the current Sprite Stitch mini-swap. When my partner receives them, I’ll be able to post about them here. What I can say is the first one (that I’m working on now) is turning out really nice!

Also, someone on deviantArt told me that Game Arts tweeted about my Justin and Feena stitchings on their Twitter! I have thanked GA, of course, and they told me they were “very impressed” ! That made me happy 😀
Many thanks go to all the people who found me because of that tweet, fav’d my work, and added my stuff to their dA group, #Icarians!

Back soon with more stuff! 🙂


Two Phantasy Star Pieces

Very different, but both very much Phantasy Star pieces!
The first is the party from Phantasy Star (Master System) – from left to right we have Myau (JP:Myau ~ ミャウ), Odin (JP: Tylon ~ タイロン), Noah (JP: Lutz ~ ルツ) and Alis (JP: Alisa ~ アリサ). I actually started this piece months ago and put it aside until this week.

Second piece is from Phantasy Star Online – one of my all-time favourite games! It is a Section ID called “WHITILL”, one of ten such ID’s from the game – each ID governs the types of items that the enemies drop. WHITILL is my favourite as I have spent the last ten years playing as a character with that ID! 🙂

I’m really happy with how both stitchings turned out. I’m in the process of framing the party but the ID is proving to be a little more difficult, as I want something that really suits it!

Sprite Stitch Squares!

Alliteration aside, those of you who follow what I do here will already know that I’ve completed five squares for the Sprite Stitch charity project.
Today, I cleaned and stretched them all and got a few snaps of them before I send them off to tnitnetny!

Here they are, almost dry, on a bath towel 🙂

People keep asking me if I’m sad to see them go…and in a way I am, because I put a lot of work into these squares. But I’m also happy that they are going off to be part of something special 🙂
Also, I tried to come up with patterns that I liked but wouldn’t necessarily make for myself – for example I love Shiva, but if I was making one for myself, I would choose a different image of her. Same for the rest of the images I used. Also, I have ideas for similar projects but different enough that these squares are all one of a kind items (or I hope they are, anyway!)

I hope that whoever ends up with our finished project takes good care of it, remembers all the hard work we put into it, and ultimately what we did it for 🙂

Lots of thanks go to:
my best friend Nick – for his encouragement and all-round awesomeness
my crazy family – for their support and help with the little things
everyone who commented here on the blog and on deviantArtyour feedback means a great deal to me
and the awesome people of Sprite Stitch!

Well, almost at the end of this project…but of course I have many more lined up, as always 😀

Squares update

Back on to the squares this week! The Alis square is finished and the Shining Force square is progressing nicely.

Hopefully the SF square will be done this week, as I really need to increase my work rate.

In other news…

My Shining Force parcel got to Moogie of SFC this week, and she will be sending it on to Camelot with all the other gifts and letters very soon. I hope they like it!

At Sprite Stitch there is some talk of a Pokemon quilt – with sale proceeds going to a charity that is helping out with the situation in Japan. I can’t take on anymore stitching at the minute, but I have offered to help out with any web support they need – such as managing a blog etc. More news to come on that project, I’m sure.

I am in the process of updating my pattern collection, and also making the list of Littlemojo’s Pokemon pdfs – the patterns area will be revised very soon!

And that’s about it for this week! 😀

Stitching for charity!

Over at Sprite Stitch recently was a discussion on possible charitable projects. Eventually, it was decided that we would make a quilt, with each of us submitting squares to be stitched together. We got a lot of people signing up, so that quilt then became three – a Zelda quilt, a Final Fantasy quilt and a miscellaneous one.

We’re well past the ideas stage and I think that most people have got their patterns sorted – some of us have started work on the squares. Now, I put down ideas for nine squares, that’s three for each quilt:

Top row (misc quilt): Alis from Phantasy Star, Shining Force and Super Metroid;
Middle row (FF quilt): FFX Shiva, FFVIII Rinoa and Cactuar;
Bottom row (Zelda quilt): Golden Goddesses, OoT Great Fairy and LTTP Fairies.

I thought it would be hard to get images to fit the size we all need, which is 96×96 stitches, but by chance I had a lot of good pics that size or similar on my PC – I just had to choose some! I also tried to pick games and pictures that meant something to me personally 🙂

Still not too sure about the third column there, and I do have more images ready to be made into squares. I’ll see how it goes! On to progress!!

Damn those energy-saving bulbs! It actually looks a lot brighter than this in daylight. Ah well. This Alis square is going really well, but I can’t finish it until my new stock of colours arrive. So, before I run out of black, I thought I’d make a start on my next one:

Not much to see here, but there’s the beginnings of the Shining Force square.

Work is ongoing, of course, so I hope to update very soon with more on this great collaboration 😀 For more infos on the project, please check out the thread on Sprite Stitch to see how we’re progressing!