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Me and My Blog

Hello everyone – long time no post!

As I’m trying to kick start my blog again, I joined the WordPress Blogging 101 course. This post is my first assignment – a “who I am and why I’m here” kind of thing.
Since most of my readers and followers are already familiar with me and what I do, I figured this would be a good time to look back at what I’ve done and how far I’ve come with it.

I started this blog as a way to keep track of my cross stitch projects (and other things I make), rather than doing it in a physical format. Publishing posts online also enabled me to share things with the world at large, which is something that has given me confidence in my stitching endeavours. I have been fortunate enough to be able to inspire not only other stitchers but also people new to the craft.
Since this blog began way back in 2009, I’ve shared many work-in-progress pictures and photos of completed projects. I’ve redesigned the look of the pages several times (and I’m about to do it again.) I’ve gone through a lot in my personal life as well, and sometimes that’s reflected in my posting.

Part of the reason I signed up for Blogging 101 is that I’ve neglected my little place for so long now, and I really want to rediscover the love of posting and sharing that I had before.
So, if I’m successful with this course, I hope to be blogging more often this year – and that also means that I have to be stitching! (I already have some great projects in the works, so I could be off to a good start!)

I don’t know what else the course will involve, but I’m expecting a few more post-based assignments. Hopefully, it will all be good and I’ll be a proper blogger once again!

See you all soon!


Merry Christmas!

I know I haven’t been around for a while, health problems and other demands on my time have kept me away from my blogging, although not my stitching! Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick post to wish all my visitors a very merry Christmas and best wishes for 2015!

See you all very soon!

I’m back (again)!

It has been WAY too long since I last blog’d. I promised myself I was going to blog regularly but it just didn’t work out like that, unfortunately!
I’ve been struggling more than usual with everyday life for about 2 years now and sometimes I have these periods of zero activity. But recently, I’ve kicked myself in the butt and started crafting again! So I figured it was time to blog again, too.
I’ve also been tinkering with the look of the blog, and it may change a few more times before I’m totally happy, so please bear with me while I make up my mind! (Also feel free to leave comments and suggestions, especially suggestions!)
Ivy (that’s my daughter for those of you who know not) will be back at school next week so I will have more time to blog and craft, and that’s when I’ll fill you all in on what’s been going on craft-wise!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next week!

Sick Mage

As the title suggests, I haven’t been feeling well recently, so there was a distinct lack of posts – especially the WIPocalypse and IHSW posts. I feel bad about that, because I don’t like signing up for things and then not doing them. But apart from short bursts of energy I’ve spent the majority of my time in bed, so it couldn’t be helped. I started stitching again today, so I know I’m feeling at least partially better. Or maybe just really, really bored!
I’ll be trying to get back on track with things as I improve, so there’ll be updates on projects and stuff soon!

Pattern Theft!

Hello friends! I will be posting about the IHSW tomorrow, but today I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to something that happened yesterday.

On Sprite Stitch, one of the members made a post about some of our patterns being sold on a website, “Los Angeles Needlework”. I’m not going to give it the luxury of having a link from me.
So on behalf of affected SS members, I emailed the person politely to inform her of the concerns and ask her to either seek permission for use or remove the patterns. I also made a small post on her Facebook page, which was promptly deleted and I was blocked from posting anymore comments. The same happened to several other people. It then turned out that every pattern she is selling has been taken from someone else. They have all been informed and everyone is doing their best to take legitimate courses of action. The Facebook page, Pinterest and Etsy shop have been closed, but as of the time of writing the main shop site is still up and running.

I cannot tell you how despicable I think this person is. To take other people’s work and pass them off as her own and take money from people who do not need to spend it on these patterns is low. But what really annoys me is the behaviour – the deleting and blocking. It says to me that she knows what she’s doing is wrong. That is the worst part of all of this.

This is not the first incident of free patterns being sold by people who should not be selling them, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. But I wanted to share this information with my friends and readers in the hopes that we can totally discredit this individual and stop her from taking any more money from people.

Here’s some links to other posts about this:
Pattern Theft Alert!!  Los Angeles Needlework is selling our free patterns! They've swiped patterns from quilt, knitting, crochet, and embroidery designers. Help spread the word!

Sorry for the nature of this post, but I felt it was important to make it. Normal service will be resumed shortly, so look out for my next post! 😀

UPDATE – 19/02/2013 00:59
Just wanted to update this post with the news that the offending website has now been suspended. Well done to the crafting community for chasing this person down through legitimate means – it just goes to show that people can pull together to do things properly and have a positive effect!

The Plan.

IHSW TIME! Here’s what I plan to be working on over the weekend:

WIPs – Nei’s the most likely candidate for the most work, but I might cycle a few pieces such as mother’s leafy thing, Daedric lettering, Prishe and the new pieces I started the other day from Halo Zero.
New starts – I got a few patterns languishing in the depths of my hard disks that I really would like to make a start on and now seems like a good time! I also have a few mini kits I’d like to make use of too 🙂

Not much of a plan, I know. I’ll try and do as much as I can, with pics to follow of course!

Oh, and before I forget, one of the Sprite Stitch quilts is up for auction on Ebay! We’d really appreciate it if as many people as possible could share the link in their various places! 😀

Everybody have a great weekend! 😀

I’m back :)

I’ve been kinda silent for a while. Some of you may know already but in October I was struck down with a bad case of tonsillitis (really made my birthday suck!) and was basically out of action for a week +. When I got better it came back! 😦
While I was sick I tried to make things but only really ended up concentrating on  a Black Mage costume for the Distant Worlds show in London on the 2nd November. I was still putting the finishing touches on the morning of the show! And I didn’t get to add all the extra bits I wanted to. My sister says she will get me some good cosplay pics, I’ll share those here as well as the other thing I managed to do (which is secret for now!)

Other than that, I haven’t been able to really do much, apart from help with the things going on at Sprite Stitch – challenges, mini-swap and the site’s 5th birthday celebrations! Oh and a bit of Skyrim for its 1st birthday 😀

So, I’m pretty much back up and running, and feeling the need to make things. Things need making! I have birthday presents, must finish that leaf thing for my mother (tonsillitis got in the way of that!) and I have a ton of ideas for my Etsy and for Christmas.

I missed last month’s IHSW so I’m making sure I do this month’s! My plan is to post on Friday with some of the things I want to do over the weekend, and post again on Monday/Tuesday with how far I got. That’s the plan, anyway – we’ll see how that goes!

Anyway, it’s good to be back around and I’ll be checking out everyone’s blogs soon to see what I’ve been missing! 😀

Tweaking some stuff around here

I’m at it again. Can’t seem to leave it alone! Just want to make sure everything’s correct, maybe add some stuff, remove some stuff, that sort of thing.
Apologies to anyone who might be looking for my pattern list, the page is down while I review / update it. They aren’t gone, though and will be back! In the meantime, I suggest going to the new (ish) Sprite Stitch wiki page. It’s serving as our pattern database and contains links to all the patterns on the forums. It’s updated very regularly by spinuntilyoufall (who does a great job!) and is very well organised 🙂
It can be found at – please check it out because there is a huge list of patterns there! And if what you want isn’t there, you can always ask at the forums 😀

Getting back to the crafting…in my next post I’ll be showing my current stitching projects so look out for that!

Busy – with secret stuff!

Sorry for not posting anything recently – I’m working on a number of projects I have to keep secret for the moment. Some are for the mini-swap that’s underway at Sprite Stitch (which I have also organised! very hard work :D) and as usual I can’t post about those things until my partner reveals them first! But I will do so as soon as I can. The other thing is something I have to keep under my hat for the time being, but if I am able to I will share what it is. Ooh, it’s great being so enigmatic for once! Everyone likes a mystery, right? 😀

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of drawing, jewellery making…and coming up with some things to put in my etsy shop for the grand opening – whenever that is! Whenever I get time, I suppose 😀

Oh and since my little corner of the ‘net is approaching 10,000 views (not much, I know, but I never expected to get anywhere near that!) I might do a little contest, or something fun like that, to celebrate. More on that very soon!

What, 9000? There’s no way that can be right! Can it?!

Well…yes it can! riotpatch, otherwise known as Karyn, is celebrating not only reaching over 9000 blog pageviews but also her blog’s upcoming anniversary by doing an awesome giveaway!

All that’s required is that you check out her wonderful blog, “A Riot Patch of Pixels” and leave a comment on the giveaway post – “Hey Vegeta, a Giveaway!
The draw is on June 15th and the lucky winner will have their favourite video game character stitched for them – Karyn is an excellent stitcher and her work is always very, very cool. 😉