WIPocalypse 2014 – February

Whoops! This was meant to be posted on 14th but…ehhhh, due to some shenanigans in my house last week everything has been delayed by a few days. But at least I’m posting, right? πŸ˜€

So, for those who don’t know, the WIPocalypse is an ongoing stitchalong event hosted by the charming Measi of Measi’s Musings. As its title suggests, it’s all about WIPs and making progress on them! And as per Measi’s rules I will now post the list of WIPs that I currently want to tackle:

Phantasy Star II Nei
Phantasy Star IV Rika intro shot
The Elder Scrolls: Arena (section from the intro)
Dissidia Prishe

I’m hoping to complete all of these fairly soon, and may add more to my list as I progress through the year. πŸ™‚
We may also post each month about a topic set by Measi, and February’s topic is “How many projects do you generally feel comfortable having in progress at a time? Β Tell us about your one-at-a-time or rotation habits!
My answer is that I have no upper limit for projects! Or at least, I haven’t reached it yet. I like to have many projects on the go so that if I get a little bored of looking at one, I can change to another for a little while. That way, I’m still interested in the projects and make progress on more than one!

Sooooo…I haven’t exactly made any progress on these projects yet, because I was finishing off the Empress Card I posted about previously. I would have had this in the WIP list had I remembered to post about it a LOT earlier than now, but no matter because it is finished!

Empress WIP 7

She just needs to finish drying and then I can frame her! I really enjoy these tarot cards from Ogre Battle, they are such nice images to work from. πŸ™‚

Join in with the WIPocalypse by bashing the button on the sidebar! More WIPs next full moon – around March 16th. Toodles!


5 responses to “WIPocalypse 2014 – February

  1. Looks awesome πŸ™‚


  2. Looks fantastic! It reminds me Ogre Battle is one of those games I’ve always wanted to play but never did!

    I’m glad you’ll be working on Rika again! I hope that means you’re feeling better, both physically and mentally! If you need somebody to talk to, I’m all ears BTW. I’ve had my lot of health issues the last couple years (which has caused me to feel rather depressed…) so I can definitely understand what you’re going through.

    I’ve been working on Rune a lot, but good God that I’m a slow stitcher. And I just keep playing games when I should be stitching! πŸ˜‰ And now I hurt my back again so I won’t stitch for a while! XD I swear this freaking project will never get done!! At least one of us will finish! πŸ˜‰


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