Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim.

Yes, I love Skyrim. Not many people I know don’t, to be honest. (That’s pretty much the reason I haven’t posted a lot recently!)
So of course I found a way to give some (more) cross stitchy love to my current favourite game! ๐Ÿ˜€

First – a quest marker fridge magnet:

And here it is on my little fridge!

Next – little marker badges!

And finally, the Married achievement icon!

Much more Skyrim to come, no doubt. ๐Ÿ˜€

The badges and the Married pattern, as well as my Shining Force III icons, are for sale on my shiny new Etsy shop! Yay!


4 responses to “Skyrim, Skyrim and more Skyrim.

  1. I really want to play Skyrim, but I’ve still got Oblivion and Morrowind that I’ve hardly touched! I’m very bad at RPGs I always start and never finish.

    The cross stitching is lovely as usual!


    • blackmageheart

      Well, I’m a huge Elder Scrolls fan so I have played through them all and still go back to them! Especially Morrowind ๐Ÿ˜€
      I would definitely recommend starting out in Skyrim though, it’s very easy to pick up even if you aren’t a Tamrielic Lore boffin!


  2. Eeee,, awesome!! I am so extremely grateful that Skyrim PC can be played offline because it has definitely filled a void with the lack of Internet, ahaha. I love that your fridge is your next quest. XD I would probably have to put one in a frame over my bed.


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