Sprite Stitch Mini Swap 2011 ~ Part Two!

Yay! Shelby, aka RAWRmonster, received the gifts I made for her recently. So now I can show them! Here’s a picture taken at their new home:

She loves Ocarina of Time so I used that as my theme.
There is a wooden sign with an insert that has RAWRmonster in Hylian cross stitched on it, a magic bean necklace and a bag with the Spiritual Stones cross stitched in metallic thread. Also a card in the style of Zelda’s Letter (not awesome, I kinda rushed it).
I went slightly overboard on the size, I know (it was meant to be small items!) but the first sign smashed and all I had left to use was some pine. To be fair, I did make the sign self-assembly so it may have been just over the theoretical size when in pieces, hehe.
But RAWRmonster seems to be happy and that’s all I really wanted!

More images over on my deviantART page: http://blackmageheart.deviantart.com/


4 responses to “Sprite Stitch Mini Swap 2011 ~ Part Two!

  1. What a great package you sent. She must be over the moon. 😀


  2. Would you be willing to share your designs for the triforce and spiritual stones?


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