Busy – with secret stuff!

Sorry for not posting anything recently – I’m working on a number of projects I have to keep secret for the moment. Some are for the mini-swap that’s underway at Sprite Stitch (which I have also organised! very hard work :D) and as usual I can’t post about those things until my partner reveals them first! But I will do so as soon as I can. The other thing is something I have to keep under my hat for the time being, but if I am able to I will share what it is. Ooh, it’s great being so enigmatic for once! Everyone likes a mystery, right? 😀

Apart from that, I’ve been doing a bit of drawing, jewellery making…and coming up with some things to put in my etsy shop for the grand opening – whenever that is! Whenever I get time, I suppose 😀

Oh and since my little corner of the ‘net is approaching 10,000 views (not much, I know, but I never expected to get anywhere near that!) I might do a little contest, or something fun like that, to celebrate. More on that very soon!


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