Sprite Stitch Quilt update~!

It’s been a little while since I sent my pieces off to tnitnetny. She has been busy gathering up squares and preparing to make the quilt!
She uploaded a photo on the Sprite Stitch forums, showing what she’s got so far:

They are washed, ironed and trimmed…and awaiting some fabric for the borders/sashing/backing/other quilt stuff. We have been chatting on the forums about what kind of fabric would look best, and tnitnetny says she has “an idea for the borders” – personally I’m excited to see what she means!

More pics on this soon~!



6 responses to “Sprite Stitch Quilt update~!

  1. Oh my God. This is so awesome! Love your squares, and from the others, the Plants vs zombies one is a total favourite! I too can’t wait to see what kind of fabric will be chosen for the finish of this amazing piece of craft!


  2. I’m so so excited to see the finished product. It’s going to be amazing 😮
    Totally loving Shiva and Rinoa a lot. They look even more awesome all together!~

    Am totally happy I could finish Kirby in time to send it off. I’m super happy to have been a part of the project. I just wish I had time to do more things like this^^; Hopefully soon, lol^^;;;


    • blackmageheart

      Me too, Star!
      I’m proud to have been part of the project. I do wish that we’d ended up with more squares but we did our best and that’s all anyone can ask of us! Perhaps in the future, if this one is a success, we can do it again! ❤


  3. Oh, this is so awesome. I haven’t joined the Sprite Stitch forum yet (despite watching it for a year or two, haha) but I’d love to be a part of something like this if it’s ever done again! I’m sure it’ll be a huge success for Child’s Play!


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