Grandia Pt.1 – Justin

Recently, I heard the news that Takeshi Miyaji, the co-founder of Game Arts passed away aged 45. Game Arts made some excellent games, two of my favourites being Alisia Dragoon and Grandia.
I was looking for something to stitch and decided to make a sort of mini-tribute to Game Arts, Miyaji-san and Grandia (because I’ve already done Alisia Dragoon!) so here’s part one – Justin.

64×64, 4096 stitches, 44 colours, on 16ct aida.

I haven’t decided which character to do next but I hope to resolve that and start stitching it soon! ❤


4 responses to “Grandia Pt.1 – Justin

  1. I never did play Grandia, but I enjoyed Grandia II a lot. I’m sorry to hear of Miyaji’s death…


    • blackmageheart

      Grandia II was also excellent, I haven’t gotten around to trying out III, but I feel like revisiting what is a truly great series. Not only in stitching, but playing too! 😀


  2. this is an amazing piece of work!


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