Some stuff!

I finally got around to getting some half done projects finished in the last week or so!

First we have the Alisia Dragoon stitching I started ages ago:

Next, the Sprite Stitch heart logo (designed by Nintendophile):

A quote from the first season of Supernatural:

And, because I totally forgot to post about it at the time, my Resident Evil entry in to a recent Sprite Stitch quotes challenge:

You will notice that only two of the four are framed…that’s because I’m not quite sure that Alisia and the peepers one are quite done. I feel like I want to add something to them, but I don’t know what. For now, I’ll keep them on ice while I think of something….and start my next project! 😀


2 responses to “Some stuff!

  1. All of those are lovely, and the Sprite Stitch logo is so cute! I’ll be waiting to see if you’ll add something to Alisia and the peepers!


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