Two Phantasy Star Pieces

Very different, but both very much Phantasy Star pieces!
The first is the party from Phantasy Star (Master System) – from left to right we have Myau (JP:Myau ~ ミャウ), Odin (JP: Tylon ~ タイロン), Noah (JP: Lutz ~ ルツ) and Alis (JP: Alisa ~ アリサ). I actually started this piece months ago and put it aside until this week.

Second piece is from Phantasy Star Online – one of my all-time favourite games! It is a Section ID called “WHITILL”, one of ten such ID’s from the game – each ID governs the types of items that the enemies drop. WHITILL is my favourite as I have spent the last ten years playing as a character with that ID! 🙂

I’m really happy with how both stitchings turned out. I’m in the process of framing the party but the ID is proving to be a little more difficult, as I want something that really suits it!


3 responses to “Two Phantasy Star Pieces

  1. That’s beautiful!


  2. is there any way for u to make a pattern for skyly?. i have been looking for months now for a squared pattern (i found a round one but cant figure out how to use tht one for cross stitching) so i can stitch it onto a basic black hat for my boyfriends christmas present….and im not good at making one myself


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