FFX Shiva – Complete!

Firstly, apologies for a lack of posting in the last week or so…I’ve mostly been stitching as well as spending some time gaming with my best friend (he’s pretty much the only thing that keeps me sane in these huge stitching sessions!)

But, as the title suggests, I completed Shiva!! (Stand back for best effect, lol.)

It’ll need a wash and iron but I’m so pleased it’s finished. And it looks ok! I think. Comments are very welcome!!

So, that’s three of my pieces for the Sprite Stitch quilts done…I have six more to go. I think I might drop the Super Metroid and Link to the Past ones if I start to run out of time, though. However, I’ve already started on the FFVIII Rinoa piece (I’d show a picture here but it’s kinda boring to look at – so far it’s about 20 stitches of off-white lol).

I’ve also started work on one of my pieces for the Patchwork Gym project – doing Staryu/Starmie first.

Pics of both WIPs soon! ❤


12 responses to “FFX Shiva – Complete!

  1. Awesome work! I like the great colours and Shiva is my favourite aeon ^^


  2. This looks amazing! The colors look great to me, and the detail is superb!


  3. Shiva looks amazing! Great job.


  4. blackmageheart

    Thank you both! ^^


  5. LilliumRyn

    she looks fantastic hun!! i feel so terrible for not being able to check back on the forums for a while, but it was a wonderful surprise to see this was completed! seeing as last time i saw it, it was just a few patches of dark blue. you never cease to amaze! xx


    • blackmageheart

      Aww thanks! Hope you are well! ^^
      And don’t worry about not checking the forums, just pop in whenever you can 😀


  6. wonderful! wonderful! Amazing!!!! You took my breath away!


  7. I am insanely jealous! lol. This looks amazing! I just watched my friend play this game and I knew the character right away. How long did this take you? And did you do it all by sight? I’ve been looking into making some kind of FFX blanket for my friend. I’ve just recently taught myself to crochet, but I know that’d be difficult to get all the colors right. It’s such a vibrant game I wouldn’t want to take away from that.


    • blackmageheart

      Thank you very much! It took a few weeks (mostly because I was playing a lot of Age of Empires 3 at the time) and I made a pattern using PCStitch. I chose most of the colours myself, though. I’d love to see a blanket of FFX, although I reckon you’d have to be the Crochet God to make something as detailed. I’m sure there are loads of things from the game that could be used, for example the Spira alphabet (some of which represent the temples) or some kind of fayth symbols? Whatever you come up with, please let me know because I’d be really interested in seeing it made!


      • Yeah. I’m currently making a Tetris blanket by crocheting granny squares. So far I have around 60 squares. I need 200 though. It’s taking a lot longer than I expected. I’d like to look into graph crocheting though. I think that’s what it’s called anyway. I feel like I could customize things better like that. I’ve seen some pretty neat things on YouTube, but nothing with FFX stuff. I just recently fell in love with the soundtrack. Saw parts of the game and the cut scenes were amazing! My friend loves it though so I’m hoping that will be my next project. I’ll be sure to let you know how it turns out if I do end up working on that project. Won’t be until I finish my twin size Tetris blanket though. You picked all the colors? They match so well to the character it’s insane. So do you just do these with a needle and thread? It looks like a lot of work went into it.


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