Shining Force SOS!

Howdy everyone, sorry for lack of posting – I’ve had the flu recently and so have had very little to report 🙂 But, let’s crack on…

Recently, as I was browsing the interwebs, I visited a site that I used to frequent a few years ago – Shining Force Central. Reading bits and bobs, I was reminded that the 20th anniversary of the Shining series was coming up (March 29th). I discovered that SFC had put out something of a clarion call to Shining fans…a call to aid in their campaign to save the series…a call which I heard loud and clear.

What the campaign requires of fans is that each of us write a letter to Camelot, the developers of the proper Shining Force series. Not exactly to beg for a new SF game (I don’t count the recent incarnations knocked out by Sega) but more to offer thanks for the last 20 years. Of course, should a new and true SF come out of it then that would be great!

We could also include a gift or some fanwork – and so I came up with a pattern for a stitching of Anri from SF1. Of course, my luck determined that I should suffer from flu that night and for more than a week after I made the pattern…but as soon as I was better I stitched it up! And here it is:

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, even though I had to cut it down from the original idea – I was going to include Anri’s sprite and portrait from Shining Force CD (where she is around 20 years older and a queen) but having the flu really slowed me down, so I found I didn’t have the time. But, like I said, definitely pleased with how it is!

I’ll be sending it to Moogie of SFC on Monday, along with my letter, and hopefully my brother and sister will also be writing letters too. And, to top everything off, we will be having a Shining birthday party on the 29th!

Follow the campaign trail at


4 responses to “Shining Force SOS!

  1. I’ve never played this game, but I absolutely love the stitching! And great framing – it adds a lot 😀 So good luck, I wish you all a new game of this series to play soon!


    • blackmageheart

      Thanks very much for your lovely comment!
      We do hope to get a game, but if not, at least we can show Camelot our appreciation for 20 years of Shining Force!


  2. Hi,
    do you do this for commission at all? And if so are you able to do other shining force characters as well?


    • blackmageheart

      Hi kerryann! This particular one wasn’t a commission, just a gift for the people at Camelot to thank them for Shining Force! But I am totally able to do other characters as well, and I do take commissions! 🙂


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