The Craft Swap – Part Two….a!

So, a while back I said I’d post pics of the stuff I made for my secret swap partner as soon as they revealed it…unfortunately, due to circumstances unknown she hasn’t been able to.  I’m assuming real life, it nearly always is – my best mate says real life exists to get in the way of fun and he’s probably right 😀

Anyways, I waited a couple of months and I posted up pics on Sprite Stitch, now I shall do the same here! (Meant to earlier, but see the real life statement above ^^)

What you see here is:

– Cross stitch of the intro girl and Steiner the dragon from Beyond The Beyond

– Kirby plush cushion

– A starstorm (kinda like a snowstorm, but with stars!) with Rudy and Cecilia from Wild Arms

– Crochet bag with a Red Ribbon from Golden Sun (would have been better but I kinda ran out of time, I blame real life yet again!)

And that’s what I made. I’m pretty happy with it and I can only hope that nyami (my swap partner) is too 🙂

Ok, you may have noticed that the post title says part two a. This is because a couple of people didn’t receive their swap gifts – so some of us volunteered to make them new ones. I have made and sent one item each for Bamiyan and Turqoizyoshi, hopefully they will be arriving soon. As before, don’t wanna spoil the surprise by posting here (just incase they peek) but will post as soon as they have revealed em on Sprite Stitch.

And just before I go, I’ve gone and got myself a deviantART thing. It’s at . Please check it out if you have time!


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