The Craft Swap – Part One!

The Sprite Stitch craft swap is over, there’s only a few peeps waiting to receive their stuff and/or post pics in the forums. I’m pleased to say I got my package last week, from the SS member Ellentje (from the Netherlands). Based on my favourite games, she made me a set of items that I absolutely LOVE!!


Black Mage amigurumi

Black Mage and White Mage stitched magnets

Bowie from Shining Force II stitching

Close up of Bowie

Cushion cover with a stitched "Rood Inverse" from Vagrant Story

Close up of the Rood

Pretty cool, huh? I think so. The amigurumi mage sits on my desk with my other toys, the magnets are waiting for me to get a memo board, the Bowie is waiting to be put up on the wall and the cushion is on my bed (it’s actually making my other cushion look bad – may have to stitch one up to go with it!)

I just want to say a big thank you to Ellentje, she obviously had a good think about the stuff I put in our starting questionnaire and she’s made stuff that I think suits me perfectly.

Check out the rest of the swap items here.

As to the things I have made…well I’m fairly sure my person has received their goodies, as soon as this is confirmed and they have posted pics I shall do so here 🙂 So be looking out for Part Two!


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