Game-based art (while I’m working on new stuff!)

Good day! Sorry it has been a while, I’ve had an unreal amount of stuff to do. I’m still hard at work on the craft swap… and as much as I’d like to be able to post about it here I can’t – but I can tell you I’m making good progress and should have it sent off in the next couple of weeks. When my partner receives it then I can freely post about it.

While I was sorting through some of my stuff, I took some pictures of the pieces I did for the art courses I took at college. I was very lucky to have a tutor that pretty much gave me free rein to do video game based stuff – as long as it fit into the assignment. Thanks Olwyn – you helped me produce some decent work that I’m actually pretty proud of.

So, while you lot wait for the craft swap to be over, I thought you’d like to have a peek at my past works! Most are game based pictures but there’s a couple that aren’t. There’s quite a few images here so today it’s in a gallery format – click the thumbnails for larger images.



2 responses to “Game-based art (while I’m working on new stuff!)

  1. that ffx shiva is so so for the win! they’re all well done but i especially love that one =D awesome work~


    • blackmageheart

      Thanks! It’s one of my favs ^^
      Somewhere I have a pencil drawing of Ixion…must dig that out sometime 😀


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