Challenge entry complete!

Here it is, finished and framed! I only managed to get a pic of it this morning (GMT) and submitted it for the challenge as soon as I could.

The original idea was much bigger, square shaped and the words were inside the square. I cut it down a lot – mostly because of time constraints but also because I’m kinda fed up with doing square/rectangular patterns. So I tried this odd shape…and I’m quite happy with the result. The quote is from Tremors ^^

The whole thing’s in a keepsake frame – it’s a lidded box with a padded bottom, you pin mementos and things to the padding… but I bought it cos I thought it’d be great for cross stitch. Only cost me about £2 as well 😀

You can find this and the rest of the entries to the Nov/Dec/Jan challenge here.


3 responses to “Challenge entry complete!

  1. LOL – Nice!

    Fear the Diglett and Dugtrios.


  2. blackmageheart

    Thanks 🙂

    Lol yeah…they are scary 😛


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