What I’ve been doing (including challenge update)

Ok…I promised more posting and here it is, albeit much later than I hoped. I have been keeping busy, although lately I’ve been thrashing Shining Force III with my brother. For some reason we decided to get the Saturn out one day and….well it’s still out and is probably on right now.

I have managed to squeeze in some crafting though!

Still quite a way to go on this one..and the challenge ends at the end of January. A lot of things got in the way of this one, but I hope to have it done in time. At one point I thought I wouldn’t complete it (we had a lot of snow and this was slowing the post down – I was waiting for threads to arrive) so I started a smaller project :

I am going to try and finish both (and maybe enter them both into the challenge!)…all I have to do is try and ignore the familiar themes of Shining Force III and Shining the Holy Ark calling me….

I have also learned to crochet this month. I don’t do it particularly well but I do find it really enjoyable. For my first project I decided to make a pyjama case for my bed, based on an abstract design I’ve been playing around with for a few months (more on the abstract stuff in a future post).

Apologies for the bad lighting, the sun hid in the clouds and my sister had bailed so I had to use my phone camera >_<

The design is based on FF Black Mage colours (such as FFIX’s Vivi). Like I said, I’ve been playing with abstract ideas, but haven’t really had an opportunity to use them with something other than paint. Will post more when the case is finished!

And that’s what I’ve been doing! 😀


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