Crafty presents

Hey all! Hope you all had a nice Christmas etc 🙂 Sorry for lack of posts recently, I’ve been hard at work sewing and making things. The two pictures you see here are gifts I made for my brother and sister.

The first is a coaster featuring a battle sprite of Mikhal from Dragon Force. I got the sprite from Pixel Warehouse (thank you DarkWolf!)

The second is AbyssWolf’s sprite of Kirby from Super Smash Bros Brawl in a flexihoop.

I didn’t like the colours the stitching programs wanted to use, so I decided to eyeball the colours myself (I used to do this all the time before KGChart lol). I’m really happy with how they turned out. Both projects were stitched with DMC floss on 22ct evenweave.

I had planned to make more stuff but as usual Christmas sorta sneaked up on me 🙂


4 responses to “Crafty presents

  1. They look ubercool! I bet your brother and sister loved their presents!


  2. blackmageheart

    Thanks, yeah they did love them! My sister loves Kirby and my brother was really impressed by the coaster. And something hand-made is always welcome, I think 🙂


  3. Whoa! That Mikhal coaster is simply amazing!! O_O I love it, really really great job, congratulations! ^^


    • blackmageheart

      Thanks very much! It was great fun to make, and I plan to make more Dragon Force things in the near future ^^


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