Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu stitching


Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu. I started this last year for my sister who was having a Pikachu love phase (she’s 18 lol) but put it away cos I needed one colour to finish it. Found it in my craft box last week and then found I’d had the last colour all along 😀 It needs framing, but that’ll have to wait til I have time!


19 responses to “Pichu, Pikachu and Raichu stitching

  1. thats so awesome. that takes skill.


  2. blackmageheart

    Thanks v much!
    A little skill, but mostly patience and practise 🙂


  3. omg!!!!! Do you have the pattern for that or a chart or graph or something?
    I know someone who would love that Please e-mail me Loverfish@myspace.com


    • blackmageheart

      The pattern (created by Littlemojo) is somewhere on my Windows Sky Drive thing. I’ll see if I can email you it as well though 🙂

      EDIT: Just emailed it to you – enjoy!


  4. Sewwattsnew

    These are awesome! Would you mind emailing the pattern to me, as well? I was looking for something along these lines and this is perfect, now I’ll have to check out the rest of your blog, haha.


  5. Sewwattsnew

    Oops, here’s my email address: Sewwattsnew@gmail.com


  6. can u email one to me as well please???? =D
    my bf loveeees pikachu/raichu


  7. Hi could u email me the pattern as my sis loves pikachu my email is KellyHarrison27@aol.com


  8. Bwandy candy

    Could you email me the Pichu? My boyfriend thinks its adorable, so I wanna make him one~
    Email: omgloserbutt@yahoo.com


  9. Bwandy Candy

    Hey, could you also send me the pattern? Thanks~
    Email: omgloserbutt@yahoo.com


  10. Hi, it looks awesome. My son and I are great fans of pikachu. Nice work! Could you send me the pattern? Thanks in advance.


  11. Oops!! my email: lupitavg22@hotmail.com


  12. Hi. I was wondering if you still have this pattern. I’d love to have a copy.
    Thank you, Kate


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