Shining Force CD title screen design

SFCD Framed

SFCD Wendy


A sort of medium sized cross stitch of the background design from the title screen of Shining Force CD (Sega Mega CD). Original image was 234 x 214 pixels, so this was my first big project and it gave me a thing for title screens!


4 responses to “Shining Force CD title screen design

  1. aww i love this pattern *.* it really looks great! i’d love to do that one as well ❤ sorry to ask you, but would you share the pattern you used for that? haven't seen it in your dl folder.
    keep up the great work \o/ x3


  2. blackmageheart

    I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just picked the colours by eye and used a grid on Photoshop. However, since you have left such a nice comment I’ve made a pattern for it in KGChart and put it in my dl folder for you, there’s also a gif of the pattern, the original pic and a colour list too 🙂 Enjoy!


  3. Hi there!
    This is absolutely amazing! I’m a huge Shining Force fan myself and this sort of fan work had just never occurred to me. Well done, it’s superb 😀
    The fans at Shining Force Central are currently organising a Shining series’ 20th Anniversary camapaign, sending various fanworks to Camelot Software Planning to thank them for their work on the series. I was wondering whether you’d mind if I included some pictures of your fan stitchwork (credited to you of course!) with the campaign bundle, to demonstrate the ways in which the series has inspired its fans? Or better yet, perhaps you’d like to write a letter for the campaign yourself and include some pictures? Full info on the website 🙂
    thanks for your time,


  4. blackmageheart

    Wow, I never expected the Goddess of All Things Shining to comment on my little blog! I’m a long-time fan of yours, and of SFC. I used to be known as Mayfair over there, although that was a while ago now.
    I’m very familiar with the SOS campaign and was hoping to have a package sent to you as soon as I’ve recovered from the ‘flu. (Should be anytime now!) Including letters from me and my family, some gifts and some pictures of my Shining works! But of course, feel free to use any pictures of Shining stuff you find here – anything to support the cause!
    And thank you so much for visiting!! ^^


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